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Tuition Rates 

Upcoming, updated rates 6/1/2024

Pre-Paid Weekly Full Time Rates 

Infant, Toddler, and Playschool Classes: $240.00

Preschool/Kinder Prep Classes: $225.00

School Age Class (Before and/or After School Only): $100.00

*Non-School Days an additional $20.00 

School Age Class (Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer): $200.00

Pre-Paid Weekly Part Time Rates (Subject to availability)

Infant, Toddler, and Playschool Classes:       MWF   $175.00           TTH     $150.00

Preschool/Kinder Prep Classes:                      MWF   $160.00           TTH     $125.00

School Age Class

(Christmas Break, Spring Break, Summer):  MWF   $125.00             TTH     $100.00

Tuition Rates: Text
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